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As you all know Speedweek cannot operate without our volunteers, this register exists to ensure that we have the right number of volunteers where and when we need them. Even if you don't compete at Speedweek you are more than welcome to volunteer at Speedweek. A job is one shift of a particular task that has to be performed. The task may extend over a number of days.

A shift is considered to be one half day. Some jobs by their nature, may be less than half a day.

All jobs must have someone nominated to them before Speedweek can commence.

Each Speedweek Entrant or a member of their team (as a proxy) must volunteer for at least one shift as part of their entry. To do so, once you have completed the volunteer registration process, a code will be given to you to complete your entry form. Entrants with a blank code on their entry form will be allocated a shift regardless of the entrants' preference. As an extra incentive, team members who nominate early will have a significant advantage when selecting their jobs and shifts, whereas later entries will have to take whatever jobs and shifts are left. 

If you nominate for a task at a particular time and you cannot for what ever reason fulfil this obligation, its up to YOU to contact the Volunteer Coordinator prior the event or find them on the lake in order to find a replacement before your allotted time. Otherwise the track will be closed and record penalties may be applied.

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From 2023, the DLRA are changing the way you volunteer for a shift at Speedweek. Not only will you be required to pick a preferred job and date, now you will have the choice of role responsibility level. We are introducing Team Leaders into each shift per functional area. Team Leaders will have a select extra few responsibilities than ever before.

This is so the intense workload on the Committee of running an event each and every year can be spread a little more evenly and your time as a volunteer is used more effectively, making everyone's time at the lake a lot more enjoyable.

To begin the process of identifying Team Leaders for 2023 and beyond, when you register for a volunteer shift you will be asked "Are you interested in being a Team Leader?". If you choose yes, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact you directly to discuss this further prior to Speedweek.

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To begin, click on the functional area below you wish to volunteer for at Speedweek. When you click VOLUNTEER NOW button, you will be sending an email to the portal.
In that email you will need to include your name, member number (optional), job, day/date and morning or afternoon shift.

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If you are having any issues with nominationg for a volunteer shift at Speedweek please fill out the contact form and our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch ASAP to assist you.

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